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Looking for a special book or audio tape of cowboy poetry?

You've found the right place!  

Step on in and meet Leon Flick, Cowboy Poet and Story Teller.


Cow's Tail for a Compass wins the Buck Ramsey Award for "Cowboy Poetry Book Of The Year 2001".
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Introducing Leon's new book, Cow's Tail for a Compass.

To know and to hear Leon Flick is to know he is a cowboy.  To read Leon, without knowing him, is to know he is a cowboy. Leon's verse and prose speak clearly to the brotherhood of the saddle who can easily discern whether or not the writer has been there. Very few are as adept as Leon Flick in capturing the tragedy of the insignificant things a cowboy faces day to day.  In short, read this book and you'll know the American Cowboy.

Larry McWhorter
Jealous, TX



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