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Leon's poetry is available in his new book, "A Cow's Tail for a Compass", and also on cassette tapes.  These items may be purchased by mail order.  To place an order, send an email to Leon.

About the author:

Born in Gunnison, Colorado, on March 4, 1954, Leon Flick was the youngest of three children. His family, which included his parents, Carroll and Vivian, and his sisters, Thelma and Nancy, moved from Gunnison to Lakeview, Oregon when Leon was just three years old. In Oregon he grew up on working ranches, learning to ride on Chief, an old paint horse that was about 16 hands high. Chief had been teacher, friend, baby sitter, and loyal companion to several kids, and, to those who knew him, was worth twice his weight in gold. Leon is still reminded of his old friend every time he sees some little guy crawling up some horse's leg, swinging on the saddle strings, finally getting a stirrup, and climbing into the saddle. The world is a big place when you’re a “button”, and God never made a better place to view it from than the back of a horse. 

Leon and his wife, Billie, live in Plush, Oregon, a small, high desert town of 60 people about 40 miles north of where California and Nevada join Oregon. Remote would be a fitting word, as it is more than 200 miles to the nearest freeway. The countryside is filled with sagebrush, rocks, cows, and a very few of the nicest families on Earth. 

Leon started sharing his poetry and stories in Elko, Nevada in 1988, and since then has entertained people in 14 Western states and Canada. Other than his entertaining, a little guiding and fencing, Leon and Billie still make their living using a cow’s tail for a compass.

Click here to read the Foreword to "A Cow's Tail for a Compass".

Available at better book stores, or by mail from Leon Flick.
$22.00 Hardbound
$16.00 Softcover


"Leon Flick writes with the credibility of a horseback man who has seen and heard and felt every moment of cold, heat, agony, fear and exhilaration expressed in his writing.  He does not write from the perspective of one who wishes he could have been there or from that of someone who was only there for a moment.  So many sadly do.  When Leon writes or recites the words hit like a sixty mph wind and a fifty below chill factor, only to have you crying tears of laughter in the next poem.  Leon writes about the ordinary cowboy life (if there is such a thing) in a not-so-ordinary way." 

Joel Nelson
Alpine, TX.

"Home For A Buckaroo"
40 minute (approx) audio cassette $10.00
available by mail-order only!


Side A:

  • Home for a buckaroo
  • A million kinds of cowboys
  • At last it's spring
  • Hats
  • Drifters
  • Mongo
  • Coyote singin' solo
  • Wet tobakker
  • Campfires
  • First taste of liquor
  • For Hart Mountain

Side B:

  • Silver sea of sage
  • Tearin' hair and holdin' air
  • PGG
  • Coyote fox hunt
  • Half an inch of thaw
  • Prayer for rain
  • Days
  • Fiddles
  • The team
  • Listen to the sun go down
  • The cowboy

"Bull Slippers"
40 minute (approx) audio cassette $10.00
available by mail-order only!


Side A:

  • Go and just buckaroo
  • Satan and Jude
  • Good ole girls
  • How camp got running water
  • My place
  • Acres or arches
  • When he ran the place

Side B:

  • Bull Slippers
  • (Bally) died in the spring
  • Days
  • Listen to the sun go down
  • Sunrise on the outhouse
  • Payin' your dues
  • A little buckaroo meets Santa
  • Ode to toad
  • Spring of '88
  • Uncle Leo's
  • Instant dogs


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